They can get “dried up” too

(Story contributed by Miss Cheng)

Disclaimer: All images used in this article are from stock images.  The name has been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


I was a flight attendant 3 years ago. Everyone complimented my curves whenever they saw me in my uniform.

However, one day I discover my feminine assets, the breasts, started to sag and shrunk. I had been losing weight due to my diet. My uniform started to feel loose at the front too. In recent year, my breasts started to look “SAD”. 

The volume and the perkiness were all gone. I requested for the smallest uniform and the front still feels “empty”. I couldn’t figure out what to do and I just hope I could get the assets that I was so proud of the back.

It was a sudden change for Miss Cheng and we believe her body might be going through physical stress that causes her breasts to lose their form. Frequent travelling can disrupt your circadian rhythms, which play an important role in influencing how your hormones work. Additionally, Miss Cheng’s sleep schedule is affected due to her work shift, thus stressing her body to be unable to function properly.

Under stress, estrogen (one of the hormones that can affect the size of our breasts) can get reduced, resulting in the loss of breast mass over time.

Regardless of age, lifestyle, environment or diet, if you are not giving your body adequate rest and the nutrients they need, it will lead to hormonal imbalance at the end of the day. Human anatomy is a complex machine that needs to be “maintained” frequently to ensure the “parts” function properly to stay healthy.


Auras Breast Therapy is a good way to maintain and re-connect our endocrine system to prevent any health issued from arising.

This treatment can help Miss Cheng to rebalance her hormones and firm up the skin around her breast to improve the overall contour.

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