How do you build and maintain Qi?


Eat regular meals —Ideally, the energy that we use of a day should come from the food that we consume the night before and during the day.  It’s like fueling up your car.   If you don’t adequately and regularly nourish, you will become weak and run down….putter, putter, splut…

Rest Appropriately–Going, going, gone.  If you are always on the go, you will deplete your Qi.  If the behavior is repetitive, after time Qi will not be the only thing in your body that becomes deficient. Yang, Blood, Fluids, and other vital essences will follow.  Rest, take time to replenish.  How much a person needs depends on their overall health, age, work and stress level.

Exercise–Essential to building Qi–too much of the wrong kind will destroy it, however.  Running may not be the best choice for someone who has been sedentary for 2 years.  In this case, doing 20 minutes a day for a week and then gradually increasing might be the best option.  Again, talk to your health provider to find out what is best for you to start with.

Include Qi Building Foods–For some people, just eating three regular meals is enough to build Qi back up.  Here’s a list of foods that specifically tonify Qi.


All meats in general, especially chicken, eel, goose, herring and ham.

All lentils and legumes

All grains, especially oats, quinoa and rice.





Goji berry

Grain beverages (coffee substitutes)


Longan berry


Royal jelly

Root vegetables

Pumpkin and squash

Adaptogen herbs–some of the most recognised of herbs like ginseng, strongly build Qi.

However, as will all herbs, connect with your Chinese medicine practitioner or herbalist to make sure the herbs is an match for your particular needs.

If you have depleted for a long time, nourish with marrow broth or miso soup for a week.



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